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Collective Pictures

Share a link and every picture that you take will be instantly shared with your friends on a collective gallery.

It is simple

You don’t need to download an app

Only you and your friends can see these pictures

Sending pictures isn’t necessary anymore


Try it out now

1. Open on your mobile device

2. Click on the button “Picture”

3. Your picture is shown in the gallery


Do you use co-pics for private purposes and want to donate 5 Euros?

Or do you use it for commercial use and can afford 500 Euros?

Regardless of your application, your money will be used on the development of

And the next users will be delighted!


You do not only want to share your pictures, but also to design an innovative event? Discover a new method to create an event, that your participants really want.



Contact us at or send us a request, if you want to get more informtions about

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